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  • Opening remarks by International President
  • Keynote Speakers on the Environment
  • LCIF, introduced by Chairperson
  • LCIF related topics
  • Guest speaker – David Evangelista
  • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Diversity and Social inclusion in clubs
    • How to include all club members in our activities and unite the club
  • Symposium Theme
    • Future of Lionism in Europe
    • We are different in many ways – but united in Service
  • ​A Membership Initiative and the North American pilot programme
  • How to form a Specialty Club and examples in Europe
  • Next Generation: how to recruit and manage younger members
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  • The importance of becoming a Mentor in Lionism
  • What have been the GAT service success stories in Europe noting those Environmental service projects with fundraising opportunities
  • Youth and what tomorrow brings
  • Developing Leadership
    A pilot study to identify potential future leaders, employ active mentoring, fast tracking leadership training and obtaining diversity of experience at club, district and beyond
  • Leos, Leo-Lions working with Lions together describing:​
    • The need to maintain a pool of quality Lions from Leos
    • The transition of Leos to Leo-Lions
    • The on-going changes required to maintain a healthy club 
  • How to promote and increase visibility of our clubs and activities on the social media​
  • How to rejuvenate our club
  • Brief presentation of the EF21 Program and Social Events
  • Closing remarks from 1st Vice President
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Lions of Europe Present:



October 3, 2020 10:00AM CEST

keynote & guest SPEAKERS
Sir David Attenborough
Natural Historian 
Dr. Mark Everard
Associate Professor, University of West England
Dr. Jung-Yul Choi
International President
David Evangelista
Regional President Special Olympics Europe, Eurasia
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The Future of Lionism in Europe -

Different and United in Service

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